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Emma Donnan Middle School

At Emma Donnan Middle School, students know that they are in a school where just getting by isn't good enough. We set higher standards and accept nothing but each student's best effort. This allows students to expect more from themselves and their teachers and to be better prepared for high school. Join us on your journey to a bright future.


Emma Donnan Middle School will provide students with the necessary tools and skills needed to develop superior levels of achievement. We strive for academic, social and physical excellence by providing a quality and challenging curriculum. We promote positive moral and social values, foster an atmosphere of self-discipline in a safe learning environment, and maximize individual productivity to meet the needs of a changing global society. Emma Donnan Middle School students will be able to maximize their potential for successfully actualizing their goals with confidence and intrinsic motivation, thereby enabling each student to become a lifelong learner and strong functional contributor to their local community as well as their global community.


Emma Donnan Middle School will become the model urban middle school in the state of Indiana.

Together, we can…

It takes more than books and computer, pencils and pens to create a learning environment that makes students want to succeed. It takes caring adults who refuse to give up on students. It takes students who believe in that glimmer of hope they feel when they've accomplished something – big or small. It takes a community of people – teachers, parents, local leaders and students working together to prepare for a future that shows a clear path to where students want to be.

  • Better preparation for high school
  • Individual attention to determine needs and paths for success
  • Credit recovery program to bring students up to grade level
  • No student will be left behind

Taking the next steps together

Sometimes, especially during middle school years, parents can use a little help. Our solution: Parent Universities led by experts from local universities and agencies specializing in middle school students as well as as trained staff to provide valuable information about:

  • Parenting your preteen and teenager
  • Coping with peer pressure
  • Internet safety and bullying concerns
  • Ever-changing-graduation requirements

Won't you joint us on a our journey to
a bright future? Together, we can accomplish amazing things!